To Hound a Hog


To Hound a Hog

Brett Huddleston

136 pg paperback

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Dimensions 23 × 15 × 1 mm

To Hound A Hog is all about an emotional sport.

The pride when one witnesses a pup that one’s reared catching his first pig. The adrenaline rush when one leaps into battle between dogs and an angry boar to despatch it with a knife or sneaking to a bailed pig in dense scrub. The despair when one loses a dog or a dog is killed by a pig. The happiness and sadness; happiness when you finally catch up with that cunning old boar that’s given you the slip on a few occasions and deep down sadness for he really deserved his freedom and now he no longer remains a challenge.

All these emotions and, just think, they can all happen in one hunt. No wonder it is such an addictive sport!