New Zealand Pig Hunter's Handbook


New Zealand Pig Hunter’s Handbook

By Paul Askin

Paperback (wiro binding) 196 pages

Size 220 x 165 mm

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At last a book that covers all aspects of Pig Hunting in New Zealand, practical information based on experience, written by a skilled and knowledgeable hunter. It covers everything an aspiring hunter needs to know an a lot of information and experienced hunter can learn from. The author lives in North Canterbury, and things on the hunting front are continuing to develop. He has a good pack of dogs, and a pup coming on. Some excellent places to hunt, both on private and public land. He is enjoying his hunting more than ever, and is enjoying more success than ever before. He claims as he gets older; “the hills are getting steeper and the big pigs are getting heavier, to compensate I’m trying hard to become more cunning. Rather than moan about the inevitable, I’m doing all I can to make the most of these years. My attitude is perhaps best summed up in the words I saw on a house bus recently; “Adventure before Dementia!”