It's Not About The Pigs


It’s Not About The Pigs

By Andy Lyver

Paperback 235 pages

Size 232 x 153 mm

Weight 520 grams

Colour photographs

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Weight 520 g
Dimensions 232 × 153 mm

Andy likes shopping and lattes as much as any chick; it’s just that weekends are for pig hunting. She’s been a keen hunter for about 15 years but it wasn’t until she took on a couple of pig dog pups in a rash moment in 2004 that she and her man Maco went crazy chasing pork. Pig hunting does that to you. Some people call it an obsession but it’s much more than that. The pursuit of pork takes over your life until your calendar is full, leaving little time for other things. You know it’s getting really bad when you bunk out of a cocktail party at the last minute after a call from a farmer who’s seen pigs in his house paddock and wants instant action. Someone had to do it! This is not your usual pig hunting book. There are no ‘two hundy’ boars and no ‘wonder dogs’, just real people and real mutts having the best of Kiwi adventures. It’s the story of a couple of late starters making up for lost time chasing pigs – boars, weaners, sows, squealers – and the occasional lucky big one. And as you read it, you’ll agree that it’s not about the pigs – well, not entirely. It’s about the dogs; the pleasure of running a team, the chill of fear and the thrill of the chase. It’s about greeting a new day in a quiet corner of New Zealand and savouring a wonderful, wild pork dinner after a successful hunt.