It's a Bit Rugged Mate

By ‘Big Al’ Lester

Paperback 416 pages

Size 235 x 152 mm

Weight 566 grams

Colour photographs


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Weight 566 g
Dimensions 235 × 152 mm

Once described as ‘Barry Crump meets Fred Dagg’, ‘Big Al’ Lester is the modern-day master of the hunting genre. ‘I’m often asked what inspired me to take up writing yarns about the mishaps and mayhem that I have endured while venturing into the New Zealand bush. ‘In truth, I am an average to poor hunter who has had more hunting cock-ups than the rest of the country combined. For every deer I’ve successfully shot, dozens have escaped only to hide in the bush peering back at me, clearly laughing at my stupidity. I have always managed to see the funny side of the situation and had a good old laugh at myself. I began to wonder if my stuff-ups, with a bit of humour and mayhem thrown in, might just make for good reading – the oddball, unusual, humorous, weird and fun side of hunting – and gave it a go. I must have got something right.’ – ‘Big Al’ Lester. It’s a Bit Rugged, Mate compiles the biggest and best yarns from Big Al’s first three books – plenty of fun for those with a good keen sense of humour and a love for New Zealand’s wild outdoors.