Hunting for a Hobby

Hunting for a Hobby

By Trevor Paul Bentley

Paperback 160 pages

Size 240 x 170mm

Weight 470 grams

Colour and Black&White photographs

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Weight 470 g
Dimensions 240 × 170 mm

Hunting is the practice of pursuing living animals (usually wildlife) for food, recreation or trade. In present-day use, the term refers to lawful hunting. Hobby is an activity carried out in one’s spare time, for pleasure or relaxation. Put the two together and you have the most fun you can have with your pants on. Join the author on some of his hunts around New Zealand as he actively pursues his hobby – hunting for Red deer, Chamois, Tahr and the ultimate trophy – Wapiti. All taken and hunted on public land, over the past fifteen years. The author has recently married and is currently on an extended OE but strangely enough finds himself back in New Zealand every year just in time for the roar!