Hunting Fallow Deer in New Zealand


Hunting Fallow Deer in New Zealand

By Howard Egan

Paperback 160 pages

Size 240 x 170 mm

Weight 500 grams

Colour and Black & White photographs


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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 240 × 170 mm

Howard Egan – aka ‘Grandad’ on the popular Fishnhunt Forum – has been hunting fallow deer for six decades. In Hunting Fallow Deer in New Zealand he has gathered together hard-won knowledge from his years of experience to help hunters understand the species better, including the key differences between fallow and other deer, and how this can make their hunting more successful.

Egan covers the basics of fallow deer behaviour, where the herds are around the country, what terrain fallow prefer, the habits of bucks and does – by day and by season – and how this information can help the hunter. He also looks at some of the big fallow trophies of the past and today, his experiences farming fallow and, of course, includes some of his best hunting stories.