Hunters Forever


Hunters Forever

By Bomb Grant

Paperback 176pp

Size: 220 x 145mm

Colour photographs

Weight: 388g

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Weight 390 g
Dimensions 220 × 145 mm

‘Hunters Forever’ is the continuing story of three generations of hunters.

Growing up in rural Nelson, Sonny Grant taught his sons to hunt and fish, starting with eels, possums and rabbits; slowly graduating to wild pigs and deer. He taught the skills needed to hunt and gather food. Where to find the wild mushrooms and watercress, how to gather crayfish and hunt for deer and pigs. How to read the sign of pigs, where they foraged and where they had ‘bedded’ up for the day. How to get close enough to shoot, without the animal knowing you were even there. How to train dogs needed to hunt the pigs successfully.

After sixteen years of basic training Bomb was ready. He left home to make his way in the world becoming and apprentice carpenter, always hunting, mainly for pigs, in his spare time. In time he became a father and it was his turn to pass on his skills to his son Jake.

Three generations – ‘Forever Hunting’.