Chronic Pig Huntingitis


Chronic Pig Huntingitis

By Chris Fraser

Paperback 200 pages

Size 232 x 152 mm

Weight 500 grams

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Weight 500 g
Dimensions 232 × 152 mm

In his first book, Chris Fraser described the symptoms of Pig Huntingitis, as owning a 4WD truck with a dog box on the back, along pointed knife, a collection of motley looking dogs and when you are talking with your mates every second sentence has the word “pig” in it at least once. Fortunately not a life-threatening problem, except possibly for the pigs. The progress from just infected to “chronic” is described in the stories in this book Chronic Pig Huntingitis. As it progresses it involves wives, children, friends even casual acquaintances. Rather than alarming it becomes life affirming as lots of fresh air and exercise in the pursuit of pigs improves overall health and the pigs provide nutritional food that is totally organic and as free range as it is possible to be. It provides for family oriented activity as wives, girlfriends, sons and daughters, friends and other sufferers can join in. It provides healthy exercise and vocations for dogs that might otherwise have been put down at the pound. In all, it’s about as good as life can get!