All about Pig Hunting


All about Pig Hunting

By Bill Westwood

Paperback 230 pages

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Weight 692 g
Dimensions 240 × 170 mm

Any reader of New Zealand’s top pig hunting magazines will know Bill Westwood. Writer about all thing related to pig hunting. Pig dog trainer and accomplished video maker of all aspects of pig hunting Bill and his company Mainland Boar Hunting Ltd have set a benchmark in New Zealand for excellence in the sport of pig hunting. Bill has been hunting pigs since 1990 and has learnt a lot along the way. Bill’s love of dogs, pigs and hunting shows through in his stories about the many different aspects of pig hunting. He does not claim to knowing everything about pig hunting and is always wanting to learn more. This was his motivation for writing stories about the many different aspects of pig hunting that he has learnt along the way. He would rather learn from someone else’s mistake than make them himself. “We are all going to make mistakes the important thing is that we learn from them.” He says. “One of the biggest mistakes we can make when pig hunting is not training our dogs properly as they are the difference between success and failure. The person who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all.” A keen observer of all aspects of pig hunting and pig dog training Bill set up his own enclosed training ground with wild pigs so that he could observe and better understand the interaction of dogs and pigs in a controlled environment, this led to better methods of training and more successful hunting.