A to Z Guide to White Tailed Deer and Deer Hunting


A to Z Guide to White Tailed Deer & Deer Hunting

By Dr Randall Gilbert

232 page paperback

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Did you ever hear anther hunter use a hunting term you didn’t know.  Or did you ever come across a hunting situation you didn’t know how to describe to other hunters.  Then this guide is the reference guide for you.

Compiled by Dr Randall Gilbert this guide is an alphabetical listing of all the important terms used in white-tailed deer hunting.  The books provides full definitions of the more common hunting terms such as Rut, Licking brnach, Scrapes, Rubs & Moon Phase whilst also including more unfamiliar terms such as Flehmen, Bergmann’s Law, Klairomones, Melatonin, Vibrissae & Ungulates