A (Nearly) Complete History of the Moose in New Zealand

A (Nearly) Complete History of the Moose in New Zealand

By Ken Tustin

Paperback 200 pages

Size 240 x 170mm

Weight 594 grams

Black & White and Colour photographs


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Weight590 g
Dimensions240 × 170 mm

Moose are still out there. Originally released into Fiordland in 1910, Moose were thought to have become extinct several times. Ken Tustin has been fascinated with the “Fiordland Moose” since first hearing about them while working as a biologist for Forest Research NZFS, over forty years ago. His first book Wild Moose Chase published by Wild South Books in 1998, sold over 6000 copies. The book described the search to confirm existence of Moose in Fiordland. Since that book was published people have been coming forward with new and previously unrecorded stories about Moose sightings and shootings. Ken has now recorded 70 sightings of Moose where previously only about a dozen were thought to have occurred. In the entire 100 years since their introduction only three bulls and two females were thought to have been shot, Ken has now recorded 30. Illustrated with many historic and unique photographs the book traces the fascinating story of Moose in New Zealand from introduction to the present day, celebrating 100 years of Moose in New Zealand.