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Huntingbooks.nz is a specialty online shop dedicated to listing all in-print hunting books in New Zealand. Popular and best selling hunting books are nearly always in stock and we are constantly on the hunt for new titles so if we have missed one please let us know.  We also list selected New Zealand maps and guidebooks and we have become experts at finding out of print and rare hunting books for collectors so whatever you are looking for try our bookfinder service.

We own the only bookshop in Hokitika on the West Coast of New Zealand and sell all our books in the shop too so if you are passing by please visit us. You can check on our out of print hunting books as well as our in print books. We are open 7-days. Our staff and their partners include keen hunters, once-were hunters, might-be hunters and cookers and eaters of game. 

The West Coast is a wonderful place for hunting with a quarter of all New Zealand’s public conservation lands – over 1.2 million hectares with only 35,000 people living here. Red deer, tahr, chamois, fallow deer, pig and goat hunting are all keenly sought after here by locals and by visiting hunters. The country is so magnificently beautiful that hunters feel lucky to be here whether they get their quarry or not.

As well as our great books – if you need other assistance for hunting in New Zealand check out our links page where you will find all sorts of useful stuff.

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