Hunters in New Zealand love the wild scenes and nature of the back country, the culture of the hunting community, the history of New Zealand hunting, and the adventure of hunting. Our hunting books are part of this rich heritage.

The hunting scene in New Zealand is different from most countries in that our game animals are recent introductions into habitats not used to big browsing animals. Conservation debates on whether to control or exterminate some species, and the means to be used, still rage today. New Zealand hunters in the meantime carry on happily hunting for trophies, for meat, for skins, and just to get into the great outdoors. Large areas of wild land with large numbers of game animals also led to the development of commercial meat hunting on foot, by horse, boat, plane and, since the 1960s, hunting and live capture (for farming) by helicopter. This is quite a different hunting scene from anywhere else in the world.

Our most sought after big game animals are red deer, Himalayan tahr, and chamois. Next on the list are the other deer species – fallow, whitetail, sika, wapiti (elk), samba, rusa and perhaps moose. Also hunted are wild pigs, goats, and cattle, plus red-necked wallaby, hare, rabbit and even Australian brushtail possums. There are plenty of gamebirds: Canada geese, mallards and a range of other ducks, chukor, pheasant and Californian quail. Over 25% of New Zealand is public conservation land where there is no-fee hunting. There is plenty of room for New Zealand hunters and visitors from overseas.

Fortunately, when not hunting New Zealand hunters like to read and many have written great books about their passion.

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